“The best! Such big fans of Rob & the team! I can't say enough about the service they offer - flexible, friendly. Everything we could ask for!”

Mike, -Bernie's dad


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Woofs Upon A Walk

Unleash the Fun: Dog Daycare Toronto for Canine Enrichment

Discover the ultimate haven for your baby at Woofs Upon A Walk, the leading doggy daycare in Toronto. Located at 63 Mack Ave, we serve Leslieville, Beaches, East York and South Scarborough.

About Us

At Woofs Upon A Walk, we're dedicated to providing premium canine enrichment experiences. Our team of dedicated fulltime professionals understands the importance of fostering a nurturing environment where dogs can thrive physically, mentally, and socially.

Our Approach

Canine enrichment is our guiding light. Experience the Woofs difference with our holistic approach to dog care, centered around three core principles: physical and mental stimulation, and excellent social dynamics.

Physical Stimulation: Our expansive 3500 sq ft facility boasts a variety of indoor and outdoor play areas, providing ample space for dogs to romp, play, and exercise. From supervised play sessions to stimulating agility courses, we ensure your pup stays active and engaged.

Mental Stimulation: Keep boredom at bay with our diverse range of enrichment activities designed to challenge your dog's intellect and stimulate their curiosity. From interactive puzzle toys to engaging scent games, we offer a stimulating environment that promotes mental agility and problem-solving skills.

Social Dynamics: Dogs are naturally social creatures, and positive interactions with fellow canines are essential for their overall well-being. Our carefully curated playgroups promote healthy socialization, fostering friendships and boosting confidence in a safe and supervised setting.

Why Choose Us?

Dog Daycare Near Me: Located in the East end of Toronto, we offer pick-up and drop-off services to make logistics easy for dog moms and dads.

Dedicated Team: With a team of passionate dog care professionals at Woofs, your furry friend will receive the highest standard of care and attention, ensuring a tail-wagging experience every time. There are no part-time workers, strictly people who've made a fulltime commitment into a dog-handling career.

Safe and Secure Environment: Rest assured that your dog is in good hands with our stringent safety protocols and secure play areas, providing peace of mind for pet parents.

Disadvantages of Doggy Daycare: While doggy daycare offers numerous benefits, it's essential to consider potential drawbacks such as cost, overstimulation, and the risk of injury or illness. Daycares are notorious for providing overstimulation, and over time this can cause behavioral issues. To counter this reality, we enforce resting periods for a minimum of 1 hour after each play session. We've found this to be the sweet spot.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Social Development: If done well, dogs can experience the best social opportunities. We do not manage every dog the same, they're all unique with their own preferences for engagement and engaging other dogs. If there is an unideal behavior from one dog, it's on us to be aware and adjust the dynamics. Excellent social dynamics will improve your dog's social relationships and behaviors.

Exercise: Exercise is incredibly beneficial for all mammals. If the space is big enough, and the per dog sq metre ratio is large enough, your pup has the opportunity to be well run and well tired.

Mental Stimulation: We now know that focusing strictly on physical exercise only improves your pup's stamina. However, if you balance it with mental stimulation, there's evidence to fatigue your dog as much and keep your 1 hr evening walks to just 1 hr. Mental stimulation also stimulates cognitive development, alleviates stress and anxiety, and is the bedrock for canine enrichment.