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Dogs can be sensitive to stimulation. We focus on a balance between physical, mental and excellent social dynamics.

Can I tell you that Haroula is magic? She has charmed Murray and they have forged a bond I haven’t seen him have with anyone outside of my family. She has a special call for him when she comes in and he runs to the door–runs(!) to greet her. He can’t wait to go out with her. He left yesterday petrified of the thunder, and Haroula just held him and calmed him. Clearly he got over it and had a great time in the park. Thank you for hiring such wonderful people.

Murphy's owner

Rob and crew have been amazing with our dog Lucy. She waits excitedly for their arrival in the morning, perking up at each promising sound outside, and she comes home happy and completely exhausted. This is a very professional operation- from the intake, to the amazing regular communication (daily notes, email updates, accounting messages), to the way they handle unexpected challenges. I have been impressed every step of the way. And a big bonus is how much they clearly love our dog- it warms my heart to see the interaction between Lucy and her walker, Haroula. Knowing they will keep her safe, exercise her, AND love her is way more than I expected from a dog walking service. I have recommended this company to several others, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.


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