• highly active, highly social
  • park integration process
  • well architected groups
  • long-term focused


  • lots of outdoor exercise
  • indoor games & programs
  • pick-up & drop-off included



The Best Dog Daycare Experience

What creates the best dog daycare experience? That’s the question we asked ourselves once we acquired our first physical location on Woodbine.  Before the Fall of 2015, we hadn’t come to any consensus yet about whether or not we would even pursue a daycare option – we were quiet happy focusing solely on dog walking.  That is what we are …

Dog Park Integration

Whether you got a young puppy from a breeder or a slightly older dog from a rescue, at some point in time you’re going to consider taking her to a dog park. Dog parks are great because they can really tire out your dog while getting some positive social interactions with other well balanced pups. Unfortunately, not every dog is …

Create Dog Walking Groups Based on Behavior

One question that I recommend asking a dog-walker in an interview is how they will determine which group your dog will be a part of.  Is it simply based on availability, or is a bit of social science involved? When you’re looking to get the most out of your dog’s outings, knowing who your dog is in the park with …

Let's Talk

Whether you're getting a new puppy or moving across town, we'd love to hear from you. We can set up a meet n greet, or perhaps you only have questions at this point. Wherever you are in the process is perfectly fine with us - we love talking about animals!

Family values

Woofs upon a walk is different

Dog Walking Toronto: A Family Business

We’re a family run dog walking business in Toronto and take pride in the quality of our work. We’re well reviewed and have many clients eager to speak with prospective clients. We’ve been voted best by BlogTO. We have awesome dogs, and our groups are designed to promote activity. We won’t simply put your dog in the next available time slot, we construct our groups based on behavior.

We are dog walkers in Toronto with a real passion for what we do. Our sole focus is to create the best time of your dog’s life, each time we’re out. We’re good at that. Engagement, activity, behavioral management and mental stimulation are all important parts of the dog walking throughout our day in Toronto. Our dog walkers are amazing, and love our dogs like their own. We train our dog walkers for months before they go out on their own, and the quality control is on-going. We’re all insured, bonded and have pet first aid certifications. This is all invested by the company to ensure consistency across our dog walkers.

Dog Walkers in Toronto With a Difference

Our aim is to provide a noticeable difference from the norm. From the onset to the day-to-day operations, the feedback we get is that interacting with us is unique. Our people are different, we recruit dog walkers in unusual places. Competency is a minimum requirement, not the sole focus. We also want our people to have personalities that shine. When hiring dog walkers in Toronto, we use a special criteria that we feel provides us with the best people for this job. Being coachable and having a relentless positive mindset top that list. We are innovators and investors. We invest in our quality, people and our technology. We also have standards when it comes to what dog behavior is acceptable and unacceptable in a dog park. We won’t simply let “dogs be dogs” because public dog parks require more intention than that.


Whether you’re getting a new puppy or moving across town, we’d love to hear from you. We can set up a meet n greet, or perhaps you only have questions at this point. Wherever you are in the process is perfectly fine with us – we love talking about animals! We can offer you advice and put your mind at ease that you are dealing with exceptional dog walkers in Toronto! Let us do the hard work for you when you’re too busy with work to walk your dog. We know you love your dog and some days it can be hard to get all your other work done and walk your dog at the same time. We can help you on days like this so you can relax knowing your dog is being walked by people you can trust.